How to Contribute

Pull requests, feature requests, and issues welcome! The complete test suite is configured through Tox:

cd sample-sheet
❯ pip install tox
❯ tox  # Run entire dynamic / static analysis test suite

List all environments with:

❯ tox -av
using tox.ini: .../sample-sheet/tox.ini
using tox-3.1.2 from ../tox/
default environments:
py36 -> run the test suite with (basepython)
py37 -> run the test suite with (basepython)
lint -> check the code style
type -> type check the library
docs -> test building of HTML docs

additional environments:
dev  -> the official sample_sheet development environment

To run just one environment:

❯ tox -e lint

To pass in positional arguments to a specified environment:

❯ tox -e py36 -- -x tests/